Making your own natural makeup remover can be the easiest beauty hacks you can do because you can find the ingredients that you need in your kitchen. You will not only save money, you will also make your sensitive skin happy as it is all natural and it will never harm your skin. Below are the 7 natural makeup removers that you can find at home.

1. Coconut oil
Its natural ingredient which is absorbed by your skin contains low molecular weight and fatty acid that helps repair your skin. This is a perfect remover for waterproof and heavy makeup.

2. Slices of Cucumber
It contains anti-inflammatory properties that helps soothe acne-prone or irritated skin. This is great for removing make-up the natural way.

3. Honey
It is a perfect makeup remover when mixed with baking soda. Honey also contains many vitamins and minerals that are good for the skin. Just mix the baking soda, raw honey and a few drops of your favorite oil. Using a warm washcloth, you can apply it on your skin to perfectly remove the makeup.

4. Jojoba Oil
While it removes skin impurities and makeup, it also act as a natural skin conditioner that restores the natural balance of the skin by allowing it to retain moisture. Simply combine jojoba oil with almond oil and use it to remove makeup from the sensitive areas of your eyes.

5. Milk
Milk contains protein and essential fats which allow your skin to retain moisture and repair damaged cells. It also contains strong bleaching properties and is a natural ingredient for skin lightening. Just soak your cotton pads in a bowl of milk and use them to remove your makeup.

6. Olive oil
Hydrating olive oil can be use to remove skin impurities and makeup. This is perfect for you if you have a dry and sensitive skin.

7. Yogurt
It contains lactic acid that dissolves dead skin cells to create a natural glow and prevent breakouts. It also works to diminish the appearances of lines and wrinkles. Yogurt can also help relieve sunburn and moisturizes your skin. Just take a cotton round and dip into a plain yogurt. Rub it all over your face in a circular motion. Then rinse off with cool water.